Guest Appearances

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush:  "Don't Give Up" Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush: Don't Give Up
Label/Number: Virgin PGS 212
Release date: October 20, 1986
Kate joined Peter Gabriel in the studio for his So sessions. The result was this top 10 UK single (#72 in the US), on which Kate is prominently featured.

The Sun Ferry Aid:  "Let It Be" The Sun Ferry Aid: Let It Be
Label/Number: Sun AID T1
Release date: March, 1987
In the spirit of Band Aid and Live Aid, a "musical who's who" of the mid 80s assembled in London March 14-16 to record this single to aid the survivors of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster which occurred on March 6th. It shot straight to #1 in the UK.
Kate is plainly heard singing the opening line on side A. She delivers the same line on side B in the Mega Message Mix of the song, but it's in a different place (approximately 3:30 in, at the start of the first verse reprise).
There are 6 different mixes of this song; 4 of which feature Kate. It's more than a little confusing -- look here for an explanation.

Spirit Of The Forest Spirit Of The Forest
Label/Number: Virgin 0-96551
Release date: June, 1989
Another benefit single featuring a number of prominent UK recording artists. (This one, produced by a group know as Gentlemen Without Weapons, was to save the rainforests.) It was featured on an environmental TV program called Our Common Future. There are a couple different mixes; Kate is plainly heard about halfway through version "A", singing the line: "Turn around, turn around, before it's too late".

In 1992, it was included on a benefit compilation called Earthrise: The Rainforest Album (the official United Nations Earth Summit Album). In 1994, Rhino picked up the distribution rights to Earthrise, and released it in the US.

Utah Saints: "Something Good" Utah Saints: Something Good
Label/Number: ffrr FX 187
Release date: November 18, 1992
The Utah Saints lifted "I just know that something good is going to happen" from Cloudbusting and turned it into a fairly interesting dance mix (for Kate fans at least). This isn't a guest appearance or a collaboration, but it uses Kate's voice, so I figure it belongs on this site somewhere...(!)

You can't see it on the sleeve, but the print on the bottom of the front says: "Respect & thanks to Kate Bush & Motorhead".

Three different mixes appear on this disc.  The rear sleeve says: "Tracks One, Two & Three include the original recording 'Cloudbusting' as performed by Kate Bush which appears courtesy of Novercia Limited/EMI Records Limited. Published by Kate Bush Music Ltd/NTV Music."

A promo version was also issued in the US with 4 different mixes of the song, shown here.

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