Hounds Of Love

The Big Sky

+ Cloudbusting

b/w Watching You Without Me

+ Jig Of Life

Hounds Of Love (US) front


Hounds Of Love (US) rear


Hounds Of Love (US) disc


Country: US
Label/Number: Audio Fidelity AFZEP 001
Release date: April 16, 2011
Chronology: Kate's first commercially issued 10" EP.  It's a 4 track pink vinyl limited edition disc featuring 4 remastered cuts from 1985's Hounds Of Love LP.
Cover photos by John Carder Bush
The Big Sky Lyrics
What it's about: Remembering some of the simple pleasures we used to enjoy as children, that we no longer find the time for -- like spending the afternoon looking at the sky, watching the clouds take on shapes.
Running time: 4:40
Cloudbusting Lyrics
What it's about: A look at a special relationship between a boy and his father. It's based on A Book Of Dreams, by Peter Reich.
Running time: 5:08
Watching You Without Me Lyrics
What it's about: After drowning, a woman checks in on her husband from the afterlife.  It's the 4th song on Kate's Ninth Wave epic (the entire B-side of the Hounds Of Love LP).
Running time: 4:06
Jig Of Life Lyrics
What it's about: A woman's future self comes to the present to encourage her to stay alive so that she can grow older and bear children. It's the 5th song on The Ninth Wave.
Running time: 4:04 (even though the disc says 4:16)
This disc was released by Audio Fidelity on Record Store Day 2011 in the US (an annual April event where participating independent record stores get exclusive and/or limited releases from a number of artists).
Limited to 1,000 copies, the only other way to get a copy of this disc was to join Audio Fidelity's subscription mail order club.
The four tracks are lifted from Audio Fidelity's 2010 Hounds Of Love remaster.  All four are the normal original LP mixes.

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