Alternative Hounds Of Love

b/w Burning Bridge

+ My Lagan Love

Hounds Of Love (Canada) front


Hounds Of Love (Canada) rear


Country: Canada
Label/Number: EMI America S-75139
Release date: Early 1986
Chronology: Kate's 3rd Canadian 12" single (not counting promos or the mini-LP). It features 3 non-LP tracks.
Cover photo (and calligraphy) by John Carder Bush
Alternative Hounds Of Love Lyrics
What it's about: Being afraid of falling in love, and feeling trapped by it. (In the song, this feeling is likened to being chased by a pack of hounds.)
Running time: 3:46
Burning Bridge Lyrics
What it's about: A woman desperately pleads with her lover to step up his level of commitment to her. (I'm guessing on this one...)
Running time: 4:38
My Lagan Love Lyrics
What it's about: A traditional Irish melody (sung a cappella) with lyrics penned by Kate's brother John. In it, a woman mourns the death of her lover. (I recall reading it's based on a James Joyce story, but I have no idea which one...)
Running time: 2:30
The Alternative Hounds Of Love is not a typical extended remix; it's an entirely new version (mixed by Del Palmer) based on the original. A more typical extended version appears on the US promo only Hounds Of Love 12" single. (Two different songs -- made even more confusing by the fact that they're almost exactly the same length!)
Also, the version on this disc is slightly different from the one that was eventually released on the This Woman's Work box set in 1990. Here, the strings at the beginning of the song fade in.
Alternative Hounds of Love with this B-side configuration is exclusive to Canada. Cloudbusting was coupled with Burning Bridge and My Lagan Love (as the follow up single to Running Up That Hill) everywhere but North America. Canada used them on this release. (Jig Of Life and The Handsome Cabin Boy, which were included on the Alternative Hounds Of Love 12" discs everywhere else, were never released on singles in Canada or the US.)
Why EMI America chose to issue this 12" in Canada but not the US is a mystery. 7" Hounds Of Love singles were released simultaneously in Canada and the US, but Alternative Hounds Of Love was never issued in the US in any format. 12" promos featuring an extended version of the LP mix were distributed in the US instead.

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