Alternative Hounds Of Love

b/w Jig of Life

+ The Handsome Cabin Boy

Hounds Of Love (UK) front


Hounds Of Love (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 12 KB3
Release date: February 24, 1986
Chronology: Kate's 3rd UK 12" single; a 3 track disc featuring her 19th and 20th non-LP tracks.
Cover photo (and calligraphy) by John Carder Bush
Alternative Hounds Of Love Lyrics
What it's about: Being afraid of falling in love, and feeling trapped by it. (In the song, this feeling is likened to being chased by a pack of hounds.)
Running time: 3:48
Jig Of Life Lyrics
What it's about: A woman's future self comes to the present to encourage her to stay alive so that she can grow older and bear children. It's the 5th song on Kate's Ninth Wave epic (the entire B-side of the Hounds Of Love LP).
Running time: 4:04
The Handsome Cabin Boy Lyrics
What it's about: A traditional Irish sea chanty (sung a cappella) about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to join the crew on a sailing vessel. Her cover is blown when she winds up pregnant.
Running time: 3:07
The Alternative Hounds Of Love is not a typical extended remix; it's an entirely new version (mixed by Del Palmer) based on the original. A more typical extended version appears on the US promo only Hounds Of Love 12" single. (Two different songs -- made even more confusing by the fact that they're almost exactly the same length!)
Also, the version on this disc is slightly different from the one that was eventually released on the This Woman's Work box set in 1990. Here, the strings at the beginning of the song fade in.
And for fans of totally useless trivia, the edit at the end of Jig Of Life is uncharacteristically sloppy (for Kate). It includes the line, "Columbia now 9 times the speed of sound", which actually belongs to Hello Earth.
First pressings have textured sleeves and "Woof" etched into the dead wax on side A.

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