Hounds Of Love

b/w Hounds Of Love (Extended)

Hounds Of Love (US) promo front


Hounds Of Love (US) promo rear


Country: US
Label/Number: EMI America SPRO-9574/9575
Release date: Early, 1986
Chronology: A promo-only release featuring LP and extended mixes of Hounds Of Love (the 2nd US single from the LP/CD of the same name).
Hounds Of Love Lyrics
What it's about: Being afraid of falling in love, and feeling trapped by it. (In the song, this feeling is likened to being chased by a pack of hounds.)
Running time: 3:01
Hounds Of Love (Extended) Lyrics
Running time: 3:44
The Extended Version of Hounds Of Love is unique to this disc (and its 7" promo-only counterpart). It's not the Alternative version that appears on the UK 12"; it's just a longer version of the LP mix. (The chorus and first verse are repeated after the second verse.) Although it doesn't appear on any LP or CD, it doesn't contain any new material, so I didn't include it on the list of non-LP/CD tracks.
Cloudbusting was the 2nd single from the Hounds Of Love LP in the UK, but EMI America released this as the follow-up (to Running Up That Hill) in the US instead. (Cloudbusting wasn't issued in the US until the Spring of 1987, in support of The Whole Story.)
This 12" single was never commercially issued. Promotional 7" and 12" copies came out, but EMI America only released the 7" disc commercially.
In addition to being the only place to find the Extended Version of Hounds, this disc is also the only 12" single on which the standard LP mix of the song appears.

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