Kate Bush Special 12"

Suspended in Gaffa

+ Pull Out The Pin

b/w Sat In Your Lap

+ There Goes A Tenner

Kate Bush Special 12" (US) promo front


Kate Bush Special 12" (US) promo rear


Country: US
Label/Number: EMI America SPRO 9847/8
Release date: Fall, 1982
Chronology: A promo only 12" single featuring 4 songs from The Dreaming. (All 4 are the standard LP mixes.)
Cover photo by Kindlight. (Here is the original, full color image.)
Suspended In Gaffa Lyrics
What it's about: Seeing something you really want (God in this case), then not being able to see or experience it ever again unless you work very hard. (It's a thematic first cousin to Sat In Your Lap, with a more religious bent.)
Running time: 3:56
Pull Out The Pin Lyrics
What it's about: A frightening story of survival in the jungles of Vietnam, told from the perspective of a Vietnamese soldier.
Running time: 5:27
Sat In Your Lap Lyrics
What it's about: Man's endless search for knowledge -- which is often limited by his unwillingness to devote the effort necessary to attain it.
Running time: 3:29
There Goes A Tenner Lyrics
What it's about: The story of a (bungled) bank robbery, as told by a very fearful and paranoid perpetrator.
Running time: 3:24
This was Kate's first US release since The Man With The Child In His Eyes single in November, 1978! (Lionheart and Never for Ever weren't issued in the US until 1984.) It was readily available upon its release, but has become quite scarce since then.

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