Kate Bush Sampler Text

"THE DREAMING" is Kate Bush's fourth album. She is an extraordinarily talented artist who has won millions of fans around the world over the space of a few short years.

Kate is the consummate artist, creating an art form by combining music, dance and mime into her live concerts and incredible videos.

Her talents are endless. At the beginning of her career, Kate set up a management company of which she is Managing Director. She closely controls all aspect of her projects acting as composer, musician, producer and arranger.

Kate produces her own live concerts, which are major theatrical productions. She is involved at every level from choice of musicians to costume design. She has also designed all of her own album jackets and singles sleeves.

This sampler previews three songs from her amazing new album "The Dreaming" and also includes a selection of some of the most popular songs from her three previous albums.

Kate Bush is the most unique and artistic performer to emerge from the recent English music scene.


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