Kate Bush Sampler

The Dreaming

+ Suspended In Gaffa

+ Leave It Open

b/w Wuthering Heights

+ James And The Cold Gun

+ Hammer Horror

+ Wow

+ Babooshka

+ Breathing

Kate Bush Sampler (Canada) promo front


Kate Bush Sampler (Canada) promo rear


Country: Canada
Label/Number: EMI America SPRO-216
Release date: Fall, 1982
Chronology: A promo only 12" single featuring 3 tracks from The Dreaming, plus 2 from each of her first 3 LPs (for a total of 9 songs).
Cover photo by Kindlight. (Here is the original, full color image.)
The Dreaming Lyrics
Running time: 4:45
Suspended In Gaffa Lyrics
Running time: 3:58
Leave It Open Lyrics
Running time: 3:22
Wuthering Heights Lyrics
Running time: 4:25
James And The Cold Gun Lyrics
Running time: 3:33
Hammer Horror Lyrics
Running time: 4:37
Wow Lyrics
Running time: 3:53 (even though it's labeled 3:48)
Babooshka Lyrics
Running time: 3:20
Breathing Lyrics
Running time: 5:01
With 9 cuts, I suppose it qualifies as a full-length LP, but (I say) it's technically a 12" single. Like it's US counterpart (the Kate Bush Special 12") this disc has become very difficult to find.
It's impossible to read on the image shown above, so here is the text that appears on the rear of the jacket.

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