Moments Of Pleasure

b/w Moments Of Pleasure (Instrumental)

+ Home For Christmas

Moments Of Pleasure (UK) front


Moments Of Pleasure (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 12EMP 297
Release date: November 22, 1993
Chronology: Kate's 12th UK 12" single; the 2nd and final 12" from The Red Shoes (with her 34th and 35th non-LP tracks).
Cover photo by Guido Harari
Moments Of Pleasure Lyrics
What it's about: Kate remembers friends and family who have passed away, including: her mother, guitarist Alan Murphy, film director Michael Powell, dancer Gary Hurst, lighting engineer Bill Duffield and others.
Running time: 5:19
Moments Of Pleasure (Instrumental) running time: 5:07
Home For Christmas Lyrics
What it's about: Looking forward to being reunited with a loved one for the holidays..
Running time: 1:46
This 12" single was packaged wrapped in a limited edition 37"x24.5" poster (shown here).
The instrumental version of Moments Of Pleasure appears only on this 12" and its cassingle counterpart; it's never been (officially) issued on CD.
The 3rd track, Home For Christmas, is another one of Kate's more elusive songs. It only appears on this 12" and a few CD singles that were released just prior to Christmas, 1993 (see non-LP/CD list).
First pressings have "Alive And Kicking" etched into the dead wax on side A.

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