Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix)

b/w Walk Straight Down The Middle

Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) (UK) front


Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: Fish People FPSPD004
Release date: April 20,2013
Chronology: Kate's 36th UK single
It's also her 3rd commercially issued 10" EP, and her 7th authorized UK picture disc.
Highest chart position:  6 (when it was released on iTunes in August, 2012)

Running Up That Hill (2012 Remix) Lyrics

What it's about: Gender differences, and how they hamper our ability to understand the opposite sex. The song suggests we should try to resolve the conflicts in our relationships by "swapping places" (looking at the situation from our partner's perspective).
Running time: 5:32
Walk Straight Down The Middle Lyrics
What it's about: Trying to remain balanced and centered in our lives, instead of bouncing from one extreme to the other.
Running time: 3:48
This remix was originally issued as part of the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony.  Kate contributed this update of her 1985 worldwide hit -- which still stands as the second highest charting UK single in her entire catalog (behind Wuthering Heights).
It's not really a "remix", it's an entirely new vocal track, recorded a half-tone lower than the original to accommodate Kate's current lower register.
Thanks to a worldwide viewing audience of nearly 750 million, it shot straight up to #6 in its second week of release -- which makes Kate one of only a very small handful of recording artists who have earned top 15 UK singles in five consecutive decades!
The first :45 is a rework of the opening of the 1985 Extended Mix.  From that point on, the lyrics are nearly identical to the original LP/CD version, except for a minor change in the third chorus.
This picture disc was issued eight months later -- as part of Record Store Day 2013 in the UK (an annual April event where participating independent record stores get exclusive and/or limited releases from a number of artists).
4,000 copies were pressed.  800 of them showed up on Kate's website the following month.  They were sold to randomnly selected individuals who registered on Kate's site by 5/31/13.
The B-side is the standard CD mix, originally issued on the worldwide Sensual World singles (and the US Love And Anger Cassingle).

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