The Sensual World

b/w The Sensual World Instrumental

+ Walk Straight Down The Middle

The Sensual World (UK) promo front


The Sensual World (UK) promo rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 12EM 102
Release date: September, 1989
Chronology: A white label promo of the 1st of 3 singles from The Sensual World LP/CD, in a plain black sleeve.
The Sensual World Lyrics
What it's about: Molly Bloom steps out of the black and white, two dimensional pages of James Joyce's Ulysses into the real world, and is immediately struck by the sensuality of it all.
Running time: 3:56
The Sensual World (Instrumental) running time: 3:56
Walk Straight Down The Middle Lyrics
What it's about: Trying to remain balanced and centered in our lives, instead of bouncing from one extreme to the other.
Running time: 3:48
The Sensual World marked Kate's return from her second 3 year hiatus. Not counting collaborative efforts (and a couple songs written specifically for movie soundtracks), this was her first UK release in 35 months!
This is a truly unique Kate release -- the A-side is double-grooved! Depending on where the needle drops, you'll hear either the vocal or instrumental version of The Sensual World. (I thought it would become really rare when I acquired it back in 1989, but all UK stock copies were issued this way as well...)
The tracks on the B-side of this release are in reverse order. Walk Straight Down The Middle is listed second, but it plays first! The error only appears on the white label promos; it was corrected on the commercial release.

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