Army Dreamers

b/w Babooshka

Army Dreamers (Poland) front


Army Dreamers (Poland) rear


Country: Poland
Label/Number: Tonpress S-393
Release date: Late 1980
Chronology: A double A-side Polish exclusive on the (now defunct) Tonpress label.
Army Dreamers Lyrics
What it's about: A woman grieves for her young son, who was killed in battle.
Running time: 2:59
Babooshka Lyrics
What it's about: An insecure wife foolishly tests her husband's fidelity by disguising herself and attempting to seduce him. It's a look at our tendency to ruin things for ourselves.
Running time: 3:19
This song configuration is exclusive to Poland. In all other countries, Army Dreamers was backed with Delius and Passing Through Air.
It's also one of only two appearances of Babooshka as a B-side. (The other is on the US Capitol Silver Spotlight Series reissue of Wuthering Heights.)

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