b/w Ran Tan Waltz

Babooshka (Brazil) front


Babooshka (Brazil) rear)


Country: Brazil
Label/Number: EMI 31C 006 07321
Release date: June, 1980
Chronology: Kate's 2nd single from Never for Ever (with her 2nd studio non-LP track.)
Babooshka Lyrics
What it's about: An insecure wife foolishly tests her husband's fidelity by disguising herself and attempting to seduce him. It's a look at our tendency to ruin things for ourselves.
Running time: 3:19
Ran Tan Waltz Lyrics
What it's about: A young father stays at home with the baby while his wife is out drinking and cheating on him.
Running time: 2:41
This, and a number of other early Brazilian singles were pressed at 33.3 rpm. Brazil is the only country (I know of) that released singles at this speed.

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