Babooshka (Poland) flexi-disc front


Babooska (Poland) flexi-disc rear


Country: Poland
Label/Number: Tonpress R-1074
Chronology: A one-sided, laminated cardboard flexi-disc of Kate's highest selling single from Never for Ever
Babooshka Lyrics
What it's about: An insecure wife foolishly tests her husband's fidelity by disguising herself and attempting to seduce him. It's a look at our tendency to ruin things for ourselves.
Running time: 3:19
This is one of the rarest (and strangest!) Kate singles. The disc features the image of four bulls grouped around a tree (shown here).
Since it's pressed on laminated cardboard, the sound quality is (understandably) AWFUL. (It's not something you want to put on your good turntable...)
I've never understood this single... Why BULLS?! Why a flexi-disc?? Anybody know???

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