+ Doobie Brothers: Long Train Runnin'

b/w Doobie Brothers: Rockin' Down The Highway

+ Doobie Brothers: Take Me In Your Arms

Babooshka (Russia) flexi-disc front


Babooshka (Russia) flexi-disc rear


Babooshka (Russia) flexi-disc inside

(inside right)

Country: Russia
Label/Number: Melodiya T62-09813-14
Release date: Fall, 1980(?)
Chronology: A four-track blue plastic flexi-disc EP exclusive to Russia, featuring Babooshka plus 3 Doobie Brothers songs.
Babooshka Lyrics
What it's about: An insecure wife foolishly tests her husband's fidelity by disguising herself and attempting to seduce him. It's a look at our tendency to ruin things for ourselves.
Running time: 3:06 (see below)
This isn't really a picture sleeve; it's actually an 18"x7" trifold piece of construction paper. When opened, the third flap holds the disc in place (see image shown at left).
This is an interesting edit of the song. After the second chorus, two of the 3 "breaking glass" sequences Kate created on her Fairlight have been edited out. The song then resumes and continues past the end-fade that's used on every other single edit of the song -- this one includes the first 4 or 5 seconds of Delius. The result: a really natural sounding segue into the beginning of the Doobie Brothers song that follows!
Flexi-discs are really more for show than anything else. They typically sound just awful, but this one is surprisingly good! In fact, I'd say it's the best sounding flexi-disc I've ever heard -- by any artist!
A couple completely different versions of this flexi-disc exist. One of the variations is shown here. Another, included in the February, 1991 issue of Krugozor magazine, is shown here.

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