Be Kind To My Mistakes

b/w Brian Eno: Chemistry

Be Kind To My Mistakes (Germany) promo front


Be Kind To My Mistakes (Germany) promo rear


Country: Germany
Label/Number: EMI 7P 518 705
Release date: Spring, 1987
Chronology: A very rare promo only single featuring two songs from Nicholas Roeg's 1987 film, Castaway. Kate is on the A-side; Brian Eno is on the B-side.
Be Kind To My Mistakes Lyrics
What it's about: A woman asks for understanding as she tentatively explores a new relationship.
Running time: 3:39 (full length version)
Kate wrote and recorded this song (specifically for the film) in February, 1987. It was released a few months later, exclusively on this single and on the original soundtrack LP. A remixed, abridged version was actually used in the film itself (during the opening sequence).
Another edited version (virtually identical to the one used in the film) was released as a B-side to This Woman's Work in November, 1989. (It also appears on the US Aspects of The Sensual World CD single, and on the 1990 box set.)
Since it appears on the original soundtrack LP, it's not technically a non-LP track, but I've included it on my non-LP/CD list anyway (mainly because it's very difficult to find).
This is one of the rarest of all Kate singles -- only 600 were made. It's exclusive to Germany, it was never released commercially, and it's the only single that features the original (unarguably superior) version of the song. As a result, it has become *highly* collectable over the years.

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