b/w The Empty Bullring

Breathing (Brazil) front


Breathing (Brazil) rear


Country: Brazil
Label/Number: EMI 31C 006-07286
Release date: April, 1980
Chronology: Kate's 1st single from Never for Ever (though the LP wasn't released for another 4 months). The B-side was her 1st studio non-LP track.
Breathing Lyrics
What it's about: A fetal spiritual being, very much aware of what's going on outside the womb, makes a desperate plea to save mankind from nuclear destruction. Kate says it was inspired by side 3 of Pink Floyd's The Wall.
3:00 into the song, there's a narration explaining how nuclear bomb sizes are determined by their flash duration. Here is the text.
Running time: 4:52 (single mix)
The Empty Bullring Lyrics
What it's about: A woman laments her husbands futile obsessions -- he's an injured matador who will not accept the fact that he can no longer fight.
Running time: 2:16
This, and a number of other early Brazilian singles were pressed at 33.3 rpm. Brazil is the only country (I know of) that released singles at this speed.

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