b/w The Empty Bullring

Breathing (Japan) front


Breathing (Japan) rear


Country: Japan
Label/Number: EMI EMS-17007
Release date: April, 1980
Chronology: Kate's 1st single from Never for Ever (though the LP wasn't released for another 4 months). The B-side was her 1st studio non-LP track.
Cover art by Paul Maxwell
Breathing Lyrics
What it's about: A fetal spiritual being, very much aware of what's going on outside the womb, makes a desperate plea to save mankind from nuclear destruction. Kate says it was inspired by side 3 of Pink Floyd's The Wall.
3:00 into the song, there's a narration explaining how nuclear bomb sizes are determined by their flash duration. Here is the text.
Running time: 5:25
The Empty Bullring Lyrics
What it's about: A woman laments her husbands futile obsessions -- he's an injured matador who will not accept the fact that he can no longer fight.
Running time: 2:15
The Japanese insert sleeve shown above is the same as the UK version (except for the writing). It was packaged in the standard green Toshiba EMI sleeve. (Scans courtesy of Bart and Boolbar.)
Two slightly different versions of the sleeve were issued. One with blue writing (shown above), and one with pink writing (which made it a little easier to read). They're shown side by side here.

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