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Country: UK
Label/Number: Fish People 5099902840321
Release date: March, 2011
Chronology: A two-track, promo only release of the lead (and only) single from Director's Cut, packaged in a single pocket cardboard sleeve
Cover photo by John Carder Bush.  (Film strip based on an original work by Bart Everson.)
Deeper Understanding Lyrics
What it's about: Loneliness, isolation and betrayal -- and how computers have become surrogates for real-life relationships.
Running time (Radio Edit): 3:25
Running time (LP/CD version): 6:32
Kate's first single in nearly 5-1/2 years, Deeper Understanding is an extended reworking of the (same-named) sixth track on 1989's Sensual World LP. It is 1:46 longer than the original.
First samples of the release showed up on Amazon on March 27th -- :30 seconds of (son Bertie's) auto-tuned vocals from the chorus that had fans buzzing about how horrible it was.  It was quickly pulled.
Three days later, a :47 second clip showed up on YouTube.  It was lifted from the bridge at approximately 3:23 into the song (immediately following the Trio Bulgarka fadeout on the radio edit version).  It featured Kate singing "I need deeper understanding.  Gimme deeper understanding" -- and was a HUGE departure from the first "leaked" sample, so fans were generally thrilled.
UK (and internet) fans got the first listen of the FULL song on the Ken Bruce radio show on BBC 2, at 11:10AM (UK time) on April 4th -- one day earlier than the worldwide digital release.  (Five+ years earlier, Ken Bruce treated the world to the first spin of King Of The Mountain on the same show.)
Both versions were originally available on iTunes in the UK when it was released on April 5th.  The radio edit has since been deleted, so this is the only place it now exists.

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