Eat The Music

+ Eat The Music (Extended Mix)

+ You Want Alchemy

+ Shoedance (Red Shoes Dance Mix)

Eat The Music (Australia) front


Eat The Music (Australia) rear


Country: Australia
Label/Number: EMI 8814112
Release date: Late May, 1994
Chronology: The 4th single from The Red Shoes (outside of the US and UK); with Kate's 37th and 39th non-LP tracks.
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Eat The Music Lyrics
What it's about: Opening ourselves up in relationships to reveal who we really are inside.
Running time: 5:10
Eat The Music (Extended Mix) Lyrics
Running time: 4:58
You Want Alchemy Lyrics
What it's about: Kate transforms Claude Debussy's Clair de lune into a beautiful tale of a traveler who happens upon a beekeeper -- who likens the beauty, mystery and magic of their work to a form of alchemy.
Running time: 4:22
Shoedance (Red Shoes Dance Mix) Lyrics
What it's about: A girl puts on a pair of enchanted ballet slippers and can't stop dancing until she breaks the spell. It's inspired by a character in the Michael Powell-directed film of the same name.
Running time: 10:05 (which makes it Kate's second longest single so far...)
This version of Eat The Music is identical to the 4-track Holland release except it's packaged in a cardboard sleeve with a scratch & sniff cover. (Go ahead -- try it!!)
Three different versions of the song were officially released: the LP and Extended Mix shown above, and a 12" Version which was released in the US (in the Fall of '93) and in the UK (on the And So Is Love discs in November, 1994). Confusion exists because the 12" Version goes by 3 different names and the Extended Mix is actually 12 seconds shorter than the normal LP mix! (It's missing the birds & waterfall sounds which open the song.)
Shoedance is an extended mix of The Red Shoes, incorporating parts of Miranda Richardson's and Lindsay Kemp's dialogue from Kate's film, The Line, The Cross & The Curve -- all set to a driving dance beat. (For what it's worth, it's my least favorite Kate track...)

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