Eat The Music

Eat The Music (France) promo front


Eat The Music (France) promo rear


Country: France
Label/Number: EMI SPCD 1716
Release date: April or May, 1994
Chronology: A promo only CD single featuring an edited version of Eat The Music.
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Eat The Music Lyrics
What it's about: Opening ourselves up in relationships to reveal who we really are inside.
Running time: 3:25
The cover image on this one is the same as on all the other Eat The Music releases, except it's cropped closer (and the yellow hues are much more saturated). The front graphic and rear sleeve are unique to this release.
Eat The Music was never commercially released in France. Although it's not terribly rare, this item is unique in that it's the only CD that features an edited version of the song. (It fades out after the second chorus).

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