Eat The Music

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+ Big Stipey Lie

+ Candle In The Wind

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Country: US
Label/Number: Columbia 44K 77165
Release date: September 7, 1993
Chronology: The lead single from The Red Shoes (in the US only), with her 15th and 16th (US) non-LP tracks.
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Eat The Music Lyrics
What it's about: Opening ourselves up in relationships to reveal who we really are inside.
Running time: 4:55 (even though the cover says it's 5:08). This is a single edit; the first 12 seconds of the LP mix have been eliminated. It's the same as the so called Extended Mix that was released in Europe and Australia in Spring, 1994. See below for additional information.
Eat The Music (12" Version) Lyrics
Running time: 9:21
Big Stripey Lie Lyrics
What it's about: A really distressing song in which a woman attempts to come to terms with being betrayed by her lover. (*My* interpretation, mind you; and a pretty depressing one at that...)
Running time: 3:31
Candle In The Wind Lyrics
What it's about: Kate's spin on Elton John's (1973) tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
Running time: 4:30
Columbia released Eat The Music as the lead single from The Red Shoes in the US, while EMI chose Rubberband Girl everywhere else in the world. It was released in Holland and a few other countries 7 or 8 months later, but never in the UK as an A-side (except for a small handful of extremely rare 7" vinyls and promo CD singles, which remain in circulation despite being recalled by EMI).
Three different versions of the song were officially released: the LP mix, the 12" Version shown above, and an Extended Mix which was released on the European and Australian discs in Spring, 1994. Confusion exists because the 12" Version goes by 3 different names, the US disc is mislabeled, and the Extended Mix is actually 12 seconds shorter than the normal LP mix!

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