King Of The Mountain

+ Sexual Healing

King Of The Mountain (Holland) front


King Of The Mountain (Holland) rear


King Of The Mountain (Uk) disc



Country: Holland
Label/Number: EMI 0946 345087 2 8
Release date: October 24, 2005
Chronology: Kate's first single from Aerial, with her 41st non-LP track
Cover drawing by Bertie (Kate's son)
King Of The Mountain Lyrics
What it's about: A lament about the loneliness and the loss of innocence and anonymity one suffers when they become famous.  (But after seeing the video, it could just be "a song about Elvis"...)
Running time: 4:45
Sexual Healing Lyrics
What it's about: Ummm...  Sex.
Running time: 5:35
King Of The Mountain marked Kate's return from a 9 year, 4 month drought.  It was her first new material since Mná na hÉireann in May, 1996.
It was written and recorded in 1996, but sat on the shelf for nearly 10 years.
Sexual Healing, a cover of the Marvin Gaye classic, was originally recorded in 1994 for Davy Spillane's East Wind CD.  It was played at her 1994 Hippodrome convention, but never made it onto the Spillane CD.
This is an EU pressing in a slim jewel case released only in Holland.  A card stock version, identical to the UK release, was issued in Holland as well. 

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