Love And Anger

Love And Anger (US) promo front


Love And Anger (US) promo rear


Country: US
Label/Number: Columbia CSK 1859
Release date: Fall, 1989
Chronology: The 1st of 2 promo-only 1 track CD singles from The Sensual World released in the US. This one was issued in a very nice custom digipak.
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Love And Anger Lyrics
What it's about: Knowing who you can trust and turn to when trouble arises, and having faith that things always work out OK in the end. (I'm guessing here...)
Running time: 4:38
Love And Anger was Kate's debut single on her new US label, Columbia. (EMI America allegedly "forgot" to renew her contract, so Columbia picked her up, but they really offered nothing new in terms of support, so the single sank without a trace.)
Commercially, Love And Anger was issued only on cassingle. The CD shown here is a 1 track promo only release. Although it's a promo only, US exclusive item in a custom package (all the ingredients necessary to make it highly "collectible"), a fairly large number must have been pressed, because it's one of the most easily obtainable items.

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