Moments Of Pleasure

+ December Will Be Magic Again

+ Experiment IV

Moments Of Pleasure Box (UK) front


Moments Of Pleasure Box (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI CDEMS 297
Release date: November 22, 1993
Chronology: Kate's 7th UK CD single; the 2nd of 4 (released in the UK) from The Red Shoes.
Highest chart position: 26
Cover photo by Guido Harari
Moments Of Pleasure Lyrics
What it's about: Kate remembers friends and family who have passed away, including: her mother, guitarist Alan Murphy, film director Michael Powell, dancer Gary Hurst, lighting engineer Bill Duffield and others.
Running time: 5:19
December Will Be Magic Again Lyrics
What it's about: Kate reminisces about Christmasses past in this holiday treat.
Running time: 4:48
Experiment IV Lyrics
What it's about: A secret military plan to create a sound that's horrific enough to kill from a distance.
Running time: 4:23
One week after the initial release of Moments Of Pleasure on CD single, EMI issued this limited edition box set. Show A Little Devotion was dropped from the track listing, but the package included four 5"x5" color prints (shown here).
The version of December Will Be Magic Again that appears on this release is slightly different than all the other mixes. It's basically the same as the original single mix, but it's brighter, and the percussion instruments are different. (Information courtesy of the keen ears of Tristan Alzial!)

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