Guest Appearances

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush:  "Don't Give Up" (US) promo Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush: Don't Give Up
Label/Number: Geffen PRO-CD-2680
Release date: October 20, 1986
Six years after their first collaboration, Kate returned to the studio with Peter Gabriel for his So sessions. The result was this top 10 UK single (#72 in the US), on which Kate is prominently featured.
7" and 12" singles were issued in promo and commercial configurations worldwide, but the CD single was released only in the US in a custom promo digipak.
In 1992, Don't Give Up was reissued on another promo only CD single. This time, it was in support of a benefit compilation called Earthrise: The Rainforest Album (the official United Nations Earth Summit Album). It's shown here.

Midge Ure: "Answers To Nothing" (US) Midge Ure: Answers To Nothing
Label/Number: Chrysalis URECD 5
Release date: 1988
This is a 3-track CD single.  The 3rd track, called Selections from Answers to Nothing, is a 10:15 compilation of tracks from the LP/CD.  Kate is featured on the first 1:27 of this track, with part of her vocal contribution to Midge Ure's Sister & Brother.

Peter Gabriel: "Steam" (US) Peter Gabriel: Steam (CD maxi-single)
Label/Number: Geffen GEFDM-21820
Release date: Fall, 1992
Games Without Frontiers (Massive/DB Mix) is the second track on the Steam maxi-single. It's a (really great!) remixed version of the song Kate contributed backing vocals to in January, 1980. Like on the original, she is plainly heard singing "Jeux sans frontieres".

Utah Saints: "Something Good" (UK) Utah Saints: Something Good
Label/Number: ffrr FCD 187
Release date: November 18, 1992
The Utah Saints lifted "I just know that something good is going to happen" from Cloudbusting and turned it into a fairly interesting dance mix (for Kate fans at least). This isn't a guest appearance or a collaboration, but it uses Kate's voice, so I figure it belongs on this site somewhere...(!)
The song peaked at #4 on the UK chart, managed to crack the Hot 100 in the US (#98), and made it all the way up to #7 on the US Dance and Modern Rock charts!
This CD single includes 4 tracks, the first 3 of which include Cloudbusting samples: a 7 inch mix, a 12 inch mix, and something called an "051 Mix".
"Respect & thanks to Kate Bush & Motorhead" appears in tiny print on the disc and its cover.
The rear of the title card says: "Includes the original recording 'Cloudbusting' as performed by Kate Bush which appears courtesy of Novercia Limited/EMI Records Limited. Published by Kate Bush Music Ltd/NTV Music."

Utah Saints: "Something Good" (US) Utah Saints: Something Good
Label/Number: London 869 843-2
Release date: November, 1992
Same as above, but this one is the US version.

This one includes 7 tracks, the 1st and 6th of which are different mixes of Something Good (a 5:55 single mix and the 5:45 "051 mix" mentioned above).

Spirit Of The Forest (US) promo Spirit Of The Forest
Label/Number: Pyramid PRCD-7128
Release date: April, 1995
A benefit single featuring a number of prominent UK recording artists. Originally recorded in 1989, it was produced by a group know as Gentlemen Without Weapons to help save the rainforests. There are several different versions; Kate is plainly heard near the end on this one singing the line: "Turn around, turn around, before it's too late".
In 1992, it was included on a benefit compilation called Earthrise: The Rainforest Album (the official United Nations Earth Summit Album). In 1994, Rhino picked up the distribution rights to Earthrise and released it in the US.
The promo version shown above was issued in April, 1995 as the official Earth Day Single. It features an abridged (3:48) mix of the song that I've never seen on any other release.


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