Rubberband Girl (Radio Mix)

Rubberband Girl (France) promo front


Rubberband Girl (France) promo rear


Country: France
Label/Number: EMI SPCD 1680
Release date: September, 1993
Chronology: A French promo-only CD single featuring a radio edit of Rubberband Girl, in a custom cardboard sleeve.
Cover photo by Guido Harari (his first)
Rubberband Girl (Radio Mix) Lyrics
What it's about: Kate encourages us to be more flexible and resilient in this one -- in short, to "go with the flow".
Running time: 3:50
This is one of two promo only edited releases of Rubberband Girl (the other appears on a US CD single).   This one is identical to the LP mix, except it fades out after the "rubberband vocals" near the end (which shortens the track by nearly a minute). (See lyric link above for more information.)
Technically, there are five different versions of Rubberband Girl: the one shown here, the standard LP mix, the US promo edit, an extended version and a US Mix that appears on the UK And So Is Love singles. In my opinion, the last 2 are unique enough to be considered non-LP tracks, but the edited versions are so similar to the standard LP mix that I didn't include them on the list.
This package features the same photo on the front as all the other releases. The rear is unique to this disc.

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