Rubberband Girl (edit)

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Rubberband Girl (US) promo front


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Country: US
Label/Number: Columbia CSK 5504
Release date: October, 1993
Chronology: A US promo-only CD single issued shortly after Rubberband Girl was released everywhere else in the world on EMI.
Cover photo by Guido Harari (his first)
Rubberband Girl (edit) Lyrics
What it's about: Kate encourages us to be more flexible and resilient in this one -- in short, to "go with the flow".
Running time: 4:07
Rubberband Girl (LP mix) Lyrics
Running time: 4:42
This is one of two promo only edited releases of Rubberband Girl (the other appears on a French CD single).   This one is identical to the LP mix, except the guitar solo and the "Rub-a-dub-a-dub" vocal have been eliminated. (See lyric links above for more information.)
Technically, there are five different versions of Rubberband Girl: the two shown here, the French promo only CD single radio mix, the extended mix, and a US Mix that appears on the UK And So Is Love singles. In my opinion, the last 2 are unique enough to be considered non-LP tracks, but the edited versions are so similar to the standard LP mix that I didn't include them on the list.
The packaging is identical to the US commercial release that was issued in December, except for the song titles on the back.

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