Rocket Man

+ Candle In The Wind

+ Candle In The Wind (Instrumental)

Rocket Man (Australia) front


Rocket Man (Australia) rear


Country: Australia
Label/Number: Mercury 866 311-2
Release date: November, 1991
Chronology: Kate's contribution to the 1991 Elton John/Bernie Taupin tribute album, Two Rooms, plus her 30th and 31st non-LP tracks.
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Rocket Man Lyrics
What it's about: Kate's version of Elton John's classic (1972) space travel tale.
Running time: 5:02
Candle In The Wind Lyrics
What it's about: Kate's spin on Elton John's (1973) tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
Running time: 4:28
Candle In The Wind (Instrumental) running time: 4:27
A huge fan from the age of 11, Kate chose to record Rocket Man for the Two Rooms project. It was the first cover tune she released since Donovan's Lord Of The Reedy River in 1981.
This is a similar, but stripped down version of the UK trifold digipak. The disc is packaged in a simple cardboard sleeve (using a slightly enlarged version of the image shown on the UK release).
The instrumental version of Candle In The Wind is one of Kate's more elusive tracks. It only appears on the 12" and (most) CD Rocket Man releases.

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