The Man I Love

+ Rhapsody In Blue (edit)

The Man I Love (Holland) front


The Man I Love (Holland) rear


Country: Holland
Label/Number: Mercury 856 044-2
Release date: July, 1994
Chronology: Kate's 1994 contribution to Jonathan Shalit's Glory Of Gershwin project.
Cover painting by Ian Youngs
The Man I Love Lyrics
What it's about: Kate dreams about meeting her true love in this classic George & Ira Gershwin song (her 4th cover tune to be released as a single).
Running time: 3:17
Rhapsody in Blue (edit) running time: 4:08
Kate recorded The Man I Love with world-renowned harmonica player Larry Adler for the 1994 Glory Of Gershwin CD, a collection of 16 Gershwin songs released in honor of Mr. Adler's 80th birthday.
Kate only appears on the first track. The 2nd is an edited version of Rhapsody In Blue featuring Larry Adler and George Martin.
In the Netherlands and a couple other European countries, the 2-track version of The Man I Love shown here was issued as a replacement to 7" vinyl. 3-track CD singles (including full length versions of Rhapsody In Blue) were released simultaneously. They're identical to the UK version, so I didn't include one on this site...

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