The Red Shoes, Part 1

+ You Want Alchemy

+ Cloudbusting (Video Mix)

+ This Woman's Work

The Red Shoes, Part 1 (UK) front


The Red Shoes, Part 1 (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI EM 316
Release date: April 5, 1994
Chronology: Kate's 8th UK CD single; the 3rd of 4 (UK singles) from The Red Shoes (with her 37th non-LP track).
Highest chart position: 21
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
The Red Shoes Lyrics
What it's about: A girl puts on a pair of enchanted ballet slippers and can't stop dancing until she breaks the spell. It's inspired by a character in the Michael Powell-directed film of the same name.
Running time: 4:02
You Want Alchemy Lyrics
What it's about: Kate transforms Claude Debussy's Clair de lune into a beautiful tale of a traveler who happens upon a beekeeper -- who likens the beauty, mystery and magic of their work to a form of alchemy.
Running time: 4:21
Cloudbusting (Video Mix) Lyrics
What it's about: A look at a special relationship between a boy and his father. It's based on A Book Of Dreams, by Peter Reich.
Running time: 6:57
This Woman's Work Lyrics
What it's about: Being forced to suddenly confront reality and adulthood in times of crisis. The track was written for the John Hughes film, She's Having A Baby; specifically, the part where "Jake" (Kevin Bacon) learns his wife's life is in danger.
Running time: 3:31
The Red Shoes is the centerpiece of Kate's 8th (most recent) studio LP, and the focal point of her 43 minute film, The Line, The Cross & The Curve.
The Red Shoes CD singles were packaged in slim-line, two-disc jewel cases, designed to house parts 1 and 2 of the CD single. First pressings had an insert card in place of the 2nd CD announcing its future release (shown here). Part 2 (shown here) was issued one week later as a stand-alone CD single, then as part of this set on later pressings.
And for what it's worth... You Want Alchemy gets my vote for all-time best Kate song.
This is the only release of the Video Mix of Cloudbusting on CD. There is an additional (mostly instrumental) 1:50 in the middle of the song. In the video, it's where the Reichs (Donald Sutherland and Kate) are together in the lab/workshop.

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