The Red Shoes Sampler

Eat The Music

+ And So Is Love

+ Top Of The City

The Red Shoes Sampler (UK) promo front


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI CDEMDDJ 1047
Release date: November 1, 1993
Chronology: One of several promo-only CD singles issued in the UK in support of The Red Shoes LP/CD. Only 500 copies of this one were made.
Eat The Music Lyrics
What it's about: Opening ourselves up in relationships to reveal who we really are inside.
Running time: 5:11
And So Is Love Lyrics
What it's about: Love, like life, is not perfect; but as we get older, we learn that our loved ones matter most (I think).
Running time: 4:16
Top Of The City Lyrics
What it's about: A melancholy woman reflects on the status of her personal relationship as she absorbs the perspective offered by looking over a big city from atop one of its tall buildings. (I'm guessing here. In fact, this is one of the songs I really wish I knew more about what she was thinking when she wrote it.)
Running time: 4:14
Eat The Music was supposed to be the lead single from The Red Shoes in the UK. After failing to generate any radio interest, plans were scrapped in favor of Rubberband Girl. In addition to this disc, it also appears on a small handful of extremely rare 7" vinyls and promo only CD singles (which remain in circulation despite being recalled by EMI).
This is the only appearance of Top Of The City on a single.
All 3 tracks use the standard LP mix (even though the cover misprints the running time of And So Is Love at 6:45).

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