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Country: UK
Label/Number: Fish People
Release date: October, 2011
Chronology: A two-track, promo only CDR of the lead single from 50 Words for Snow, wrapped in a paper sleeve
Cover art:  The general consensus is that it's a shadowy figure of a yeti
Wild Man Lyrics
What it's about: A yeti...
Running time (Radio Edit): 4:17
Running time (LP/CD version): 7:17
Wild Man was Kate's first all new material in (almost exactly) six years.  Deeper Understanding was released as a single six months earlier, but this was the first "new" song since King of the Mountain in 2005.
UK (and internet) fans got the first listen of the 4:17 radio edit version of the song on the Ken Bruce radio show on BBC 2, at 11:15AM (UK time) on October 10th. 
Ken Bruce also treated the world to the first spins of King Of The Mountain (six years earlier) and Deeper Understanding (six months earlier) on the same show.
The radio edit differs slightly from the full LP/CD mix.  It has a clean intro (no howling wind), and it ends after the second chorus with an instrumental outro unique to this version.
Both versions were originally available on iTunes in the UK when it was released on October 10th.  The radio edit has since been deleted, so this is the only place it now exists.

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