I've been fascinated with Kate's work ever since I first heard Moving back in July, 1978. I was working at a record store (in Tallmadge, OH) at the time, and we received about 10 copies of The Kick Inside over the July 4th weekend. I had no idea who she was, or that she had already rocketed to the top of the international charts with her debut single, Wuthering Heights. It didn't matter; after the second or third play through the first side of this new LP, I was hooked.

I've been a huge fan ever since. To list all of the friends, interviews, books and other resources I used to put these pages together is impossible, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the following:

Krys & Peter Fitzgerald-Morris' excellent Kate Bush Fanzine. Subscription information can be found here.

Cloudbusting: Kate Bush In Her Own Words
Ron Hill's invaluable resource for song interpretations as explained by Kate (plus release dates, chart positions, etc). This one helped me fill in quite a few blanks in these pages. View and/or download it from

THE Kate resource. If it has anything to do with Kate, you'll find it somewhere at:

The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Kate Bush
Robert Godwin's 1991 book about all-things Kate. A great resource on everything released through the end of 1991. (Very useful for seeing all the things you don't have!)

The Love-Hounds mailing list
(and it's associated newsgroup,
There are more than 50,000 newsgroups out there -- this one is my favorite. Send a message directly to it, and watch it disappear forever! Better yet, subscribe to the mailing list (read the Gaffaweb FAQ) and receive a daily dose of (mostly) Kate-related news, information and stream of consciousness rants. If a daily dose isn't enough, view and/or download the last 15 years from the archives at

Special thanks to Pertti in Finland for the HUGE contribution he's made to this website. Singles, EPs, CDs, magazines, articles, photos, flexi-discs -- at last count, over 30 different items appearing on these pages -- a number of which I never knew existed! Really rare ones include:

Thank you Pertti! Your collection and willingness to share it are an inspriration!

And thanks to BrokenFriend for the scans and information on the impossibly rare Wuthering Heights (UK) gold vinyl test pressing!  Discovering and acquiring this one after 35 years of rumour and speculation must have been like finding a unicorn!

And thanks to Dwight for the scans of two of the rarest Kate singles on the planet: the Japanese Moving "Seiko" promo, and the Brazilian Wuthering Heights EP! He also provided a scan of an item I've never even heard of before: a 10" white-label acetate of Room For The Life on EMI America!

And to Bart for providing scans of a number of 7" sleeves I was missing, including: the German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian and Spanish Wuthering Heights, the UK, Australian and South African Running Up That Hill, the Japanese Breathing and Experiment IV, Wow from Spain and France, Suspended In Gaffa, The Dreaming, Babooshka and Army Dreamers from Holland, Strange Phenomena from Brazil, On Stage from Holland and Spain, December Will Be Magic Again from Germany, the Wuthering Heights reissues from the US and UK, and The Sensual World Japanese promo. He also provided most of the UK cassingle scans on this site.

BIG thanks also to Andrew Blake for the scans of Lesley Duncan's Sing Children Sing 7", the Japanese Hammer Horror and Babooshka sleeves, Ne T'enfuis Pas from France, The Man With The Child In His Eyes from Belgium, Breathing from Japan and Germany, Suspended in Gaffa from Spain and the UK Moments Of Pleasure cassingle. Plus, UK counter stands for Experiment IV, Rocket Man and The Sensual World, and a couple other items scattered throughout these pages. A fountain of Kate knowledge and real handy with a scanner -- what more can I ask for?!?!?

Tristan Alzial
And to Tristan for the 7" scans of Army Dreamers, Babooshka and Wuthering Heights from France, Un Baiser D'enfant from Canada and Breathing from Germany. Plus, the 12" scans of On Stage from France and Cloudbusting from Germany and France. He sent them to me in Florida from Canada, by way of his father in France! Isn't technology great?!

Michael Leitz
And to Michael for the 7" scan of Babooshka from Portugal, The Man With The Child In His Eyes from Germany, and for providing the English translation of the text which appears on the German Wuthering Heights sleeve.

Thomas Kinch
And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Thomas for the UK promo The Man I Love and Holland 2-track Moments Of Pleasure CD single scans.

And most importantly, Thanks Kate! The first 36 years have been great!


"I'm not interested in making singles. Maybe I will make some singles one day..." -- Kate Bush, 1982

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