Love And Anger

b/w Be Kind To My Mistakes

Love And Anger (Canada) front


Love And Anger (Canada) rear


Country: Canada
Label/Number: EMI 4JM 73108
Release date: Fall, 1989
Chronology: The lead single from The Sensual World LP/CD in the US and Canada. (Everywhere else, it was the title track.)
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Love And Anger Lyrics
What it's about: Knowing who you can trust and turn to when trouble arises, and having faith that things always work out OK in the end. (I'm guessing here...)
Running time: 4:41
Be Kind To My Mistakes Lyrics
What it's about: A woman asks for understanding as she tentatively explores a new relationship. The track was written for the Nicholas Roeg film, Castaway.
Running time: 3:02 (edited remix)
Be Kind To My Mistakes was originally released on the Castaway soundtrack in 1987, so technically, it's not really a non-LP track. But it's not easy to find, and the version that appears on this single is quite different, so I've included it on my Non-LP/CD list.
The Canadian version shown above uses the same cover image and B-side as the This Woman's Work single in the UK. In the US, Love And Anger was released with a different cover photo and B-side. Scan courtesy of Pertti.

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