Love And Anger

b/w Walk Straight Down The Middle

Love And Anger (US) front


Love And Anger (US) rear


Country: US
Label/Number: Columbia 38T 73092
Release date: Fall, 1989
Chronology: Kate's 8th US single; the 1st (and only cassingle) from The Sensual World.
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Love And Anger Lyrics
What it's about: Knowing who you can trust and turn to when trouble arises, and having faith that things always work out OK in the end. (I'm guessing here...)
Running time: 4:41
Walk Straight Down The Middle Lyrics
What it's about: Trying to remain balanced and centered in our lives, instead of bouncing from one extreme to the other.
Running time: 3:48
Love And Anger was Kate's debut single on her new US label, Columbia. EMI America allegedly "forgot" to renew her contract, so Columbia picked her up, but they offered nothing new in terms of support. After creating a little buzz on college campuses and MTV, Love And Anger disappeared without even making it onto the Billboard Hot 100.
In Canada, Love And Anger was released with a different cover photo and B-side. Other cassingles were released in the US from this point forward, but in all other instances, a CD single was also issued commercially simultaneously.
Love And Anger was also issued on a promo-only, 1 track CD single in a very nice custom digipak (see CD section). As the lead single from a new LP on a new label, I've never been able to figure out why Columbia didn't release it commercially(?!)
Walk Straight Down The Middle shows up on the This Woman's Work box set as a non-LP track, and true enough, it doesn't appear on any of The Sensual World LPs. It was, however, a "bonus track" on the CD, so I've excluded it from my Non-LP/CD track listing.

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