Rubberband Girl

b/w Rubberband Girl 12" Version

Rubberband Girl (Canada) promo front


Rubberband Girl (Canada) promo rear


Country: Canada
Label/Number: EMI SPRO 788
Release date: September, 1993
Chronology: A promo only cassingle of the lead track from The Red Shoes.
Rubberband Girl Lyrics
What it's about: Kate encourages us to be more flexible and resilient in this one -- in short, to "go with the flow".
Running time: 4:42
Rubberband Girl 12" Version Lyrics
Running time: 7:06
This is the only cassingle featuring the extended version of Rubberband Girl. Scan courtesy of Bart.
Three different versions of Rubberband Girl were released commercially: the LP and extended mixes shown above, and a disco version called the US Mix which was released towards the end of 1994 on the UK And So Is Love single. Oddly enough, the US Mix was never officially issued in the US.

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