The Man I Love

b/w Rhapsody In Blue

The Man I Love (UK) front


The Man I Love (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: Mercury MER 408
Release date: July 18, 1994
Chronology: Kate's 30th UK single (the 2nd to be released in the UK on a label other than EMI).
Highest chart position: 22
Cover painting by Ian Youngs
The Man I Love Lyrics
What it's about: Kate dreams about meeting her true love in this classic George & Ira Gershwin song (her 4th cover tune to be released as a single).
Running time: 3:17
Rhapsody in Blue running time: 4:08
Kate recorded The Man I Love with world-renowned harmonica player Larry Adler for the 1994 Glory Of Gershwin CD, a collection of 16 Gershwin songs released in honor of Mr. Adler's 80th birthday.
Kate only appears on the A-side. The B-side is an edited version of Rhapsody In Blue featuring Larry Adler and George Martin. Scan courtesy of Bart.

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