The Dreaming

Dreamtime (Instrumental)

The Dreaming (Holland) front


The Dreaming (Holland) rear


Country: Holland
Label/Number: EMI 1A 006-64912
Release date: Summer, 1982
Chronology: Kate's 2nd single from The Dreaming LP.
Front cover illustration (depicting an Aboriginal cave painting) by Del Palmer
Rear cover photo by Kindlight
The Dreaming Lyrics
What it's about: The destruction of Aboriginal homelands by white Australians in their quest for weapons-grade uranium.
Running time: 4:00 (single edit)
Dreamtime (Instrumental) run time: 5:32
The B-side title refers to Dreamtime, a period in Aboriginal folklore when man could change shape into any animal. It's one of Kate's more elusive tracks -- only appearing on a small handful of 7" vinyls. (See Non-LP/CD page for additional info.)
The Holland sleeve shown here is identical to the UK version, except for the white border on the rear. Scan courtesy of Bart.

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