Eat The Music

b/w Big Stipey Lie

Eat The Music (UK) front


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI EM 280
Release date: September 6, 1993
Chronology: The rarest Kate single in the world!! It was supposed to be the lead single from The Red Shoes, but EMI withdrew it at the last minute in favor of Rubberband Girl. Only 17 copies are rumoured to exist!
Cover photo by John Carder Bush
Eat The Music Lyrics
What it's about: Opening ourselves up in relationships to reveal who we really are inside.
Running time: 5:08
Big Stripey Lie Lyrics
What it's about: A really distressing song in which a woman attempts to come to terms with being betrayed by her lover. (*My* interpretation, mind you; and a pretty depressing one at that...)
Running time: 3:31
After failing to generate any radio interest, Eat The Music was pulled and replaced by Rubberband Girl in the UK. Apparently, it was a last minute decision, because the singles share the same catalog number (EM 280) and B-side (Big Stripey Lie). (And no, I don't own it -- the sleeve shown here is actually the US CD single...)
It was supposed to be issued in the same configurations as Rubberband Girl was: on 7" vinyl, 12" picture disc and 3-track CD single. The 3rd track (on the 12" and CD) was going to be the Madagascan Mix of Eat The Music (which is the same as the 12" Version released in the US), but they were never pressed.
With so few in circulation, this single is incredibly rare. Record Collector (the source of information for this listing) estimates the value at over $2000 (US), making it the rarest Kate single in the world.

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