Welcome to Kate Bush: The Single File (and more...) -- a look at Kate's incredible body of work as a singles artist. Oddly enough, Kate has always downplayed her singles output over the years, claiming she is, first and foremost, an "album-oriented" artist. I guess most of her fans consider her to be an "album artist" as well, so I've created these pages to showcase her extraordinary talent from a slightly different perspective. (Reason #2: I know very little about computers and even less about HTML. This topic is the only one capable of holding my attention long enough to teach myself the fundamentals...)

What this site is: An annotated list of every single Kate has released in 7", Cassette, 12", or CD format. When viewed chronologically, you'll witness her remarkable progression and maturation as one of the world's top recording artists.

Each main section (7", Cassette, 12", and CD) opens with an alphabetical index. Select one of the flags next to each single title, and you will link to the release for that country. Once there, you'll find lyrics, interpretations and a few other bits of information specific to that particular release. Or, go to the pictorial chronology pages and see everything in order of release.

What this site isn't: A definitive reference -- by any stretch of the imagination! Moreover, it's not a discography, since I've only included unique sleeves and/or song configurations. (If a single was released in different countries with identical sleeves and songs, for example, I've only listed it once, usually with the UK cover.)

Housekeeping, disclaimers, etc...

Nearly all of the interpretations on the following pages are KATE'S -- typically, things she's said about the songs over the years in interviews. A handful of them, however, are mine (usually noted as such). Admittedly, interpretation isn't one of my strong suits, so if you disagree with any of them, please e-mail me.

Regarding the non-LP tracks: I've excluded all of the single remixes that are essentially the same as their LP counterparts (like the ones for The Man With The Child In His Eyes, Breathing, Sat In Your Lap, This Woman's Work and The Big Sky). But, I did include all the extended and instrumental versions, and the single remixes that are significantly different from the LP tracks (Rubberband Girl, for example). Obviously, this is a judgement call, but by using this method, my calculator says she's released 42 of them so far (listed here)...

Most of the singles on these pages are from my personal collection, but for every one I have, I'm probably missing two or three(!), so there are a number of items (you may own or know about) that you won't find here.  If you have any of them, I'll gladly add your name to the credits page in exchange for a decent scan. Please e-mail me the details. (Also, I'm always interested in buying and/or trading, so please keep me in mind if you're selling.)

If you are a regular visitor, start with the "What's New" page.  It is the easiest way to see what has been added or updated since your last visit.

And finally, if you are looking for any Kate items, please visit the "Kate Collection Sale" link.

There are lots of links, lots of photos, a couple quizzes and even a survey for those inclined to participate in such things -- so go grab a drink, pop The Dreaming into the CD player and spend a few minutes with

Kate Bush: The Single File (and more...)

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"I'm not interested in making singles. Maybe I will make some singles one day..." -- Kate Bush, 1982

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