Hounds Of Love Interview

Hounds Of Love Interview (Italy) promo front


Hounds Of Love Interview (Italy) promo rear


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Country: Italy
Label/Number: EMI KBP 1
Release date: Late Summer, 1985
Chronology: A promo only interview picture disc exclusive to Italy.
Disc photos by John Carder Bush
On side 1, Kate talks about how she built her own studio for the new LP and how she writes directly to tape. She explains the meaning of the song Hounds Of Love and we hear brief segments of Running Up That Hill and Hounds Of Love.
On side 2, we hear about her tour plans for the new album and she explains Running Up That Hill and Cloudbusting. It's followed by a brief segment of Cloudbusting and a short closing message where she thanks all her fans for their ongoing support.
This interview disc has become exceptionally difficult to find. There are quite a few Kate interview picture discs out there, but this is the only one issued by her main label, EMI. (Insert scan courtesy of Dwight.)

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