King Of The Mountain

King Of The Mountain (US) front


Country: US
Label/Number: Columbia
Release date: September 27, 2005
Chronology: Kate's 8th US single -- an internet-only release (in the US); the lead single from Aerial.
Highest chart position: Did not chart
Cover drawing by Bertie (Kate's son)
King Of The Mountain Lyrics
What it's about: A lament about the loneliness and the loss of innocence and anonymity one suffers when they become famous.  (But after seeing the video, it could just be "a song about Elvis"...)
Running time: 4:45
King Of The Mountain marked Kate's return from a 9 year, 4 month drought.  It was her first new material since Mná na hÉireann in May, 1996.
It was an even longer drought for US fans.  Her last release on this side of the Atlantic was The Man I Love (11 years, 2 months earlier).
For reasons unknown, King Of The Mountain was released in the US first -- nearly a full month earlier than the "official" commercial release in her native country.
On its day of release, it could only be downloaded from US-based internet sites with US-based credit cards.  Due to worldwide demand (or some other inexplicable marketing strategy), it was available for download around the globe within 48 hours.
UK (and internet) fans actually got the FIRST listen 6 days earlier -- on the Ken Bruce radio show on BBC2, at 10:08AM (UK time) on September 21.
The US issue has no picture cover (since it was an internet-only release).  The image shown above is from the UK CD single.

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