Ne T'enfuis Pas

b/w Un Baiser D'enfant

Ne T'enfuis Pas (UK) front


Ne T'enfuis Pas (UK) rear


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI 5444
Release date: January 23, 1984 (as part of The Single File box set, shown here).
Chronology: Kate's 13th UK single, with her 11th and 12th non-LP tracks.
Front cover photo by Kindlight
Ne T'enfuis Pas Lyrics (French/English)
What it's about: Worried that her lover is about to leave, a possessive woman wrestles with her conscience over her plans to make him stay.
Running time: 2:33
Un Baiser D'enfant Lyrics (French/English)
What it's about: Un Baiser D'enfant is a French language version of The Infant Kiss. Based on the movie The Innocents, it's the story of a governess who is frightened by the adult feelings she has for her young male charge (who is possessed by the spirit of a grown man).
Running time: 3:02
In the UK, this single was released only as part of The Single File box set (so chart performance is not applicable). It was released in France and Canada 7 months earlier (as a stand-alone single).
The A-side is a remix.  The vocals are cleaner and "more forward" than on the version that was released in late 1982.  Additionally, the spelling was corrected.  This version was eventually included on the This Woman's Work box set in 1990.
A reverse image of the cover photo shown here was used on the Canadian version (where it was released with a different B-side).
There was probably only one pressing, since all copies appear to be identical. There are no dead wax messages on the disc.

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