Edited Highlights From Never for Ever


+ Blow Away

+ Egypt

Edited Highlights From Never for Ever (UK) promo front


Country: UK
Label/Number: EMI/Sound For Industry SFI 562
Release date: September, 1980
Chronology: A three-track, black plastic, one-sided, promo only flexi-disc EP featuring edits of songs from Never for Ever
Delius Lyrics
What it's about: Kate’s tribute to English composer Frederick Delius. The title of the song comes from one of Delius’ works, and from a BBC documentary Kate saw about the composer’s life.
Running time: 1:00
Blow Away Lyrics
What it's about: Kate comes to terms with her fear of death (by realizing her music will transcend it). She wrote it in remembrance of her lighting engineer, Bill Duffield, who fell to his death on the first night of her tour.
Running time: 1:10
Egypt Lyrics
What it's about: The beauty of Egypt, from the romanticized perspective of one who's never been there to see its darker side. In essence, it's about unbridled optimism, or to borrow an old cliché -- looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.
Running time: 1:17
These aren't really single "edits"; they're more like song "samples" -- 1 minute snippets of 3 songs from Never for Ever that just fade in and out. The flexi was included in the September, 1980 issue of Riff magazine in Belgium (shown here) and a number of other places.
Typical of most flexi-discs, this one sounds just awful!
In addition to the square version shown above, EMI also issued round ones (through Sound For Industry).

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