Let It Be

Let It Be In the spirit of Band Aid and Live Aid, a "musical who's who" of the mid 80s assembled in London March 14-16 to record this single to aid the survivors of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster which occurred on March 6th. It shot straight to #1 in the UK.

A great deal of confusion exists because 6 different mixes were released commercially. Kate is featured on 4 of them. Here's how to tell them apart:

Version Title Length Appears On Features
1 Let It Be 6:25 UK 12" side A Full length mix in which Kate sings the opening line.
2 Mega Message Mix 6:12 UK 12" side B A completely different full length mix from #1 above.  Kate sings the same line, but on this version it's placed 3:30 into the song, at the beginning of the first verse reprise.  At approximately 2:30 in, a number of artists thank everyone for buying the record.  These spoken "thank yous" pick up again intermittently after the chorus until the end. The artists who speak on the record are listed on the back of the 12" jacket under the song title in the order in which they are heard.  Kate is not one of them.   She sings, but doesn't speak.
3 Let It Be 6:12 UK 7" side A Same as #2 above, with no spoken "thank yous".  The underlying music bed is heard instead.  Note that the 12" Let It Be and the 7" Let It Be are two completely different mixes.  The 12" Mega Message Mix is just called Let It Be on the 7" releases.  The 12" version called Let It Be doesn't appear on any other release.
4 Let It Be 4:38 US 7" side A An edited version of #3 above.   The last 1:30 have been deleted.
5 Gospel Jam Mix 2:50 UK 7" side B A gospel jam chorus version.   Kate is not featured.  If she's on it at all, she's indistinguishable in the chorus.  This version ends with a :20 outro by Steve Wright, thanking everyone again for buying the record.
6 Gospel Jam Mix 2:30 US 7" side B Same as #5 above, without the spoken outro.  Again, if Kate is on this version, she's indistinguishable in the chorus.

There you have it.  Six different versions; four of which feature Kate.  Her contribution is identical on all four.  Titles, lengths and mixes vary, but Kate's :12 line is the same.


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