Guest Appearances

Lesley Duncan:  "Sing Children Sing" Lesley Duncan: Sing Children Sing
Label/Number: CBS 8061
Release date: November 30, 1979
A star-studded chorus featuring Kate and Paddy Bush, Pete Townshend, Billy Nicholis, Phil Lynott, Madelaine Bell, Joe Brown, Vicky Brown and the children of the Tywardreath primary school back up Lesley Duncan on this single to benefit children in need through the International Year Of The Child Fund. (Kate's vocal contribution is indistinguishable.)
A very nice group photo appears on the rear of the sleeve, shown here. (Sleeve scan and information courtesy of Boolbar.)

Peter Gabriel:  "Games Without Frontiers" Peter Gabriel: Games Without Frontiers
Label/Number: Mercury 76063
Release date: February, 1980
Kate joined Peter Gabriel in the studio in January, 1980, for the recording of his 3rd solo LP. She provided background vocals on this and the next single appearing on this page. On this one, she's plainly heard singing the opening line: "Jeux sans frontieres".

Peter Gabriel:  "No Self Control" Peter Gabriel: No Self Control
Label/Number: Charisma CB 360
Release date: May, 1980
The second single from Peter Gabriel's 3rd solo LP featuring Kate on b-vox. You can hear her towards the end (in the background), singing the refrain: "No self control".

Zaine Griff:  "Flowers" Zaine Griff: Flowers
Label/Number: Polydor POSP 506
Release date: Summer, 1982
In July, 1982, Kate joined Zaine Griff in the studio to contribute background vocals to his tribute to Lindsay Kemp. (He and Kate studied together under Kemp in the mid-70s.) Kate's voice is plainly heard throughout the entire song. (Scan courtesy of Pertti -- a nice surprise for me since I didn't know this song was issued on a single!)

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush:  "Don't Give Up" Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush: Don't Give Up
Label/Number: Virgin PGS2
Release date: October 20, 1986
Six years after their first collaboration, Kate returned to the studio with Peter Gabriel for his So sessions. The result was this top 10 UK single (#72 in the US), on which Kate is prominently featured.
A limited edition poster sleeve featuring a still from the video was released simultaneously (Virgin PGSP 2).
Don't Give Up entered the UK chart in the second week of its release at #31.  It peaked at #9 two weeks later, on November 15, 1986.  It held that position for two weeks, and spent a total of eleven weeks on the chart.
Promo copies (Virgin PGS DJ2) included a photo insert of the same image (shown here).
In 1989, Don't Give Up appeared as a B-side on a Spanish promo single in support of an International Hostage Release LP (issued as a fundraiser by a group dedicated to the release of political prisoners around the globe). The front and rear are shown here.

The Sun Ferry Aid:  "Let It Be" The Sun Ferry Aid: Let It Be
Label/Number: Profile PRO-5147
Release date: March, 1987
In the spirit of Band Aid and Live Aid, a "musical who's who" of the mid 80s assembled in London March 14-16 to record this single to aid the survivors of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster which occurred on March 6th. It shot straight to #1 in the UK. Kate is plainly heard singing the first verse reprise on side A.
The UK 7" is 6:12. The version released in the US is only 4:38 (the final 1:30 of the chorus is clipped). Kate's contribution is identical on both.
There are 6 different mixes of this song; 4 of which feature Kate. It's more than a little confusing -- look here for an explanation.

Go West: "The King Is Dead" Go West: The King Is Dead
Label/Number: Chrysalis GOW 6
Release date: Summer, 1987
In March, 1987, Kate joined Peter Cox and the rest of Go West in the studio to contribute backing vocals to this track. It leads off the B-side of their 1987 Dancing On The Couch LP, and was released as a single later on in the year.
If you listen closely, you'll hear Kate in the background singing the lines: "You let me in behind the lies, But you're no use to me lifesize."
She also sings "The King Is Dead" refrain a number of times at the end, but you'd never know it was her...

Spirit Of The Forest Spirit Of The Forest
Label/Number: Virgin VS 1191
Release date: June, 1989
Another benefit single featuring a number of prominent UK recording artists. (This one, produced by a group know as Gentlemen Without Weapons, was to save the rainforests.) It was featured on an environmental TV program called Our Common Future. There are a couple different mixes; Kate is plainly heard about halfway through version "A", singing the line: "Turn around, turn around, before it's too late".
In 1992, another version of this single was reissued in Spain in support of a benefit compilation called Earthrise: The Rainforest Album (the official United Nations Earth Summit Album). It features an entirely different picture sleeve, shown here.

Utah Saints:  "Something Good" Utah Saints: Something Good
Label/Number: ffrr 869-732-7
Release date: November 18, 1992
The Utah Saints lifted "I just know that something good is going to happen" from Cloudbusting and turned it into a fairly interesting dance mix (for Kate fans at least). This isn't a guest appearance or a collaboration, but it uses Kate's voice, so I figure it belongs on this site somewhere...(!)
The song peaked at #4 on the UK chart, managed to crack the Hot 100 in the US (#98), and made it all the way up to #7 on the US Dance and Modern Rock charts!
You can't see it on the sleeve shown here, but the print on the bottom says: "Respect & thanks to Kate Bush & Motorhead."
The rear sleeve says: "Includes the original recording 'Cloudbusting' as performed by Kate Bush which appears courtesy of Novercia Limited/EMI Records Limited. Published by Kate Bush Music Ltd/NTV Music." (Scan and information courtesy of Pertti.)

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