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1. Kate's debut single, Wuthering Heights, went all the way to #1 in the UK. How high did it get on the US (Billboard Hot 100) chart? It didn't! Wuthering Heights was a worldwide hit -- everywhere but the US.

2. Running Up That Hill was her second highest charting single in the UK.

3. While we're on the chart subject, There Goes A Tenner was her worst performer in the UK so far (her only single that didn't chart in the UK).

4. Dozens of non-LP tracks have been released on singles over the years. The Empty Bullring was her first (not counting remixes or live tracks).

5. Kate writes nearly all of her own material, but a couple cover tunes have shown up on singles. The first was Lord Of The Reedy River. It was written by Donovan.

6. Name two more: Rocket Man, Candle In The Wind, The Man I Love and Sexual Healing are all correct answers.

7. Of all her non-LP tracks, only one has appeared exclusively on a 12" single. Name it: Running Up That Hill (Instrumental).

8. There are MANY bootleg picture discs, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Name three legitimate 7" picture singles: The Big Sky, And So Is Love, This Woman's Work and King Of The Mountain are all correct answers.

9. Which UK LP had the most 7" vinyl singles released? The Dreaming. How many? 5

EVERYONE missed this question but Boolbar! The 5 singles are: Sat In Your Lap, The Dreaming, There Goes A Tenner, Suspended In Gaffa and Night Of The Swallow.

A trick question? OK, I'm guilty... Only 3 of the 5 were released in the UK, so nearly everyone assumed the correct answer was Hounds Of Love (which had 4). The Red Shoes also had 5 singles, but they weren't all released on 7" vinyl!

10. Kate's best album is The Dreaming!!!

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