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Kate Bush Our favorite Kate LPs, CDs and songs, as determined by YOU!

Ranks And Grades Of The LPs:

  Name:   Rank   Grade   #1 Votes
  Hounds Of Love   1   9.3   41%
  The Dreaming   2   8.6   22%
  The Kick Inside   3   8.3   15%
  The Sensual World   4   8.1   7%
  Never for Ever   5   7.9   5%
  The Red Shoes   6   7.5   4%
  Lionheart   7   7.3   2%
  The Whole Story   8   8.0   4%

Hounds is our favorite Kate LP by a significant margin. 41% of all respondents say it's Kate's best work (compared to only 22% for The Dreaming). The Whole Story ranks lowest, probably because we already own all the material. It actually received higher grades than The Red Shoes, Never for Ever and Lionheart (but it consistently shows up at or near the bottom of everyone's list).

Women are much more evenly split than men on the Hounds vs. Dreaming choice. 32% of all female respondents ranked Hounds #1, compared to 27% who picked The Dreaming. Women rank The Kick Inside a little higher too: 19% call it Kate's best work. Otherwise, responses by gender are identical.

Our Favorite Kate Songs:

      Votes         Votes
1) Wuthering Heights   291   11) Man With The Child...   102
2) Running Up That Hill   229   12) Breathing   101
3) Cloudbusting   151   13) Moments Of Pleasure   79
4) This Woman's Work   140   14) Moving   68
5) Hounds Of Love   126   15) Sat In Your Lap   67
6) The Sensual World   115   16) Jig Of Life   65
7) Babooshka   113   17) Hello Earth   64
8) Night Of The Swallow   110   18) Army Dreamers   63
9) Suspended In Gaffa   109   19) Love And Anger   60
10) Under The Ivy   108   20) You Want Alchemy   ?

3808 votes have been cast in this category so far. A total of 116 songs have been selected.  Wuthering Heights leads the pack by a healthy margin and Running Up That Hill has a pretty firm grip on second place.  Cloudbusting edges out This Woman's Work for third; the rest of the top 10 are locked in a close race.

OK, I lied -- You Want Alchemy is practically at the bottom of the list (currently in 68th place), but it's my favorite... (The actual 20th place song is Wow, with 60 votes.)

Our Favorite Recording Artists:

      Votes         Votes
1) Kate   522   11) Cocteau Twins   34
2) Tori Amos   219   12) U2   28
3) Peter Gabriel   100   13) Radiohead   27
4) Bjork   81   14) The Smiths   27
5) Madonna   76   15) Stevie Nicks   27
6) David Bowie   68   16) Abba   26
7) The Beatles   57   17) PJ Harvey   26
8) Sarah McLachlan   53   18) Prince   26
9) Pink Floyd   46   19) Sinead O'Connor   24
10) Joni Mitchell   41   20) 10cc   ?

845 different artists were listed among 3637 total votes so far, and as expected, Kate leads the pack (it *is* a Kate survey after all!). Tori has a solid lock on the second place position. Peter Gabriel and Bjork hold down the next two slots, then it's pretty close for the next 5.

And I lied again -- 10cc is one of nearly 400 artists/bands who were only listed once, but they're one of *my* favorites... (The actual 20th place artist is Sting, with 24 votes.)

Favorite LP/CD Of All Time:

We're apparently a real loyal group -- just over 50% of all respondents list a Kate LP as their all-time favorite (usually Hounds or The Dreaming, but every release including Cathy's Home Demos made it to the list). All of Tori's LPs received multiple mentions, too. Altogether, 244 different LPs have been listed. In addition to all of Kate's and Tori's releases, the following discs received multiple votes:

The Beatles: Sgt Pepper   KISS: KISS
Fleetwood Mac: Rumors   Laura Nyro: New York Tendaberry
Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down   Peter Gabriel: So
Joni Mitchell: Blue   Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
Radiohead: OK Computer   Pink Floyd: The Wall
The Smiths: The Queen Is Dead   Queen: Queen II
The Beatles: White Album   Sarah McLachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Bob Dylan: Blood On The Tracks   Sinead O'Connor: Lion And The Cobra
Carole King: Tapestry   Suede: Dog Man Star
The Beatles: Rubber Soul   Yes: Close To The Edge
The Cranberries: No Need to Argue   Peter Gabriel: Passion
Enya: Watermark   Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here
Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland   Prince: Sign O' The Times
Madonna: Like A Prayer   Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie...
Madonna: Ray Of Light   Tindersticks: Tindersticks
Michael Jackson: Dangerous   Yes: Tales From Topographic Oceans
David Bowie: Low   10cc: How Dare You!
David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust    

OK, OK, I'm still lying -- I'm the only person who picked How Dare You! -- but it's a really great LP!

Best New Release You've Heard In The Past Year:

Tori Amos: From The Choirgirl Hotel   Tori Amos: To Venus And Back
Bjork: Homogenic   Catatonia: Strange Glue
Madonna: Ray Of Light   David Bowie: Hours
Pulp: This Is Hardcore   Fiona Apple: When The Pawn...
The Corrs: Talk On Corners   Macy Gray: On How Life Is
Sarah McLachlan: Surfacing   Beth Orton: Central Reservation
Loreena McKennitt: Book Of Secrets   Lauryn Hill: Miseducation Of...
Radiohead: OK Computer   PJ Harvey: Is This Desire?
Natalie Merchant: Ophelia   Alanis Morissette: Supposed Former...
Happy Rhodes: Many Worlds Are Born ...   David Sylvian: Dead Bees On A Cake
Kristin Hersh: Strange Angels   Eurythmics: Peace
Garbage: Version 2.0   Cher: Believe
Barenaked Ladies: Stunt   Sheryl Crow: The Globe Sessions
Smashmouth: Fush Yu Mang   Madonna: Music
Moby: Play   Travis: The Man Who

Since this survey is now in its third year, some of the "new releases" listed above are not so new anymore!  That said, two of Tori's discs lead the rest of the pack by a WIDE margin. From The Choirgirl Hotel or To Venus and Back were listed by 15% of all respondents.  376 different LPs made the list so far; the 30 titles listed above were the only ones that received multiple mentions.

Our Favorite Authors:

486 authors have been listed so far. Stephen King leads the pack by a pretty significant margin.  Here are the top 33, in order of preference:

Stephen King   Virginia Woolf   Edgar Allen Poe
Emily Bronte   Charles Dickens   JD Salinger
JRR Tolkien   Douglas Adams   Neil Gaiman
Anne Rice   Toni Morrison   Arthur C. Clarke
Terry Pratchett   William Shakespeare   Franz Kafka
John Irving   Dean R. Koontz   Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Clive Barker   Isaac Asimov   Henry James
George Orwell   James Joyce   Herman Hesse
Jane Austen   Margaret Atwood    Kurt Vonnegut
Agatha Christie   Alice Walker   Oscar Wilde
Sylvia Plath   CS Lewis   Robert Jordan

Our Favorite Books:

710 different titles have been listed so far. Wuthering Heights and Lord Of The Rings show up 46 times and 36 times respectively, then there's no consistency to the list at all. Only a handful of other titles received multiple mentions. They include:

Jane Eyre   Ulysses   Jitterbug Perfume
The Stand   Catcher In The Rye   Lolita
1984   Ender's Game   Lord Of The Flies
A Prayer For Owen Meany   Great Expectations   Pride And Prejudice
Anna Karenina   Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy   Sense And Sensibility
Hotel New Hampshire   Interview With The Vampire   Weaveworld
Dune   The Bell Jar   The Witching Hour
Angela's Ashes    Contact   Harry Potter

A Little More About Us:

Age:   Under 18   9%   Sex:   Male   70%
    18-24   25%       Female   30%
    25-34   44%            
    35-44   20%            
    45-54   2%            
Education:   Some High School   9%   Income:   Not Enough   35%
    High School Grad   11%       Enough   57%
    Some College   29%       A lot!   6%
    College Grad   32%       I'm Rich!!   2%
    Post Grad   20%            


Kate fans are EVERYWHERE! 40% of all respondents live somewhere in the US. (43 of the 50 states in the Union are represented in the survey so far. Apparently, Kate hasn't been "discovered" in Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii and a few other places out west yet...) 21% of all respondents reside in the United Kingdom. Australian and Canadian fans have responded in significant numbers as well. Altogether, I've heard from 71 different countries!:

Argentina   Finland   Lithuania   Slovenia
Australia   France   Luxembourg   South Africa
Austria   Georgia   Macedonia   South Korea
Belgium   Germany   Malaysia   Spain
Bosnia-Herzegovina   Greece   Mauritius   Sweden
Brazil   Hungary   Mexico   Switzerland
Bulgaria   Iceland   Netherlands   Taiwan
Canada   India   New Zealand   Thailand
Chile   Indonesia   Norway   Trinidad/Tobago
China   Ireland   Peru   Turkey
Columbia   Israel   Poland   Ukraine
Costa Rica   Italy   Portugal   United Arab Emirates
Croatia   Japan   Romania   United Kingdom
Cyprus   Jordan   Russia   United States
Czech Republic   Kazakhstan   Saudi Arabia   Uruguay
Denmark   Kuwait   Scotland   Venezuela
Egypt   Latvia   Singapore   Yugoslavia
Estonia   Lebanon   Slovak Republic    

Other Hobbies And Interests:

2869 votes have been cast in this category so far. Listening to music, reading and watching movies have all been mentioned at least 200 times each. Writing and computers/internet have been listed 100 times each. Others that show up multiple times include:

acting   graphic design   science fiction
animals/pets   guitar   sex
art   hiking   singing
astronomy   history   skating
bicycling   horseback riding   skiing
camping   medieval studies   sleeping
chess   movies   soccer
clubbing   music   socializing
comic collecting   painting   spirituality
computers   partying   sports
cooking   people watching   swimming
dancing   philosophy   tennis
drawing   photography   theatre
drinking   piano   traveling
eating   poetry   tropical fish
fishing   psychology   video games
foreign languages   racing   walking
football   reading   watching TV
friends   record collecting   woodworking
gardening   role-play games   writing

And because the world is a very big place, some of us are bound to have a couple hobbies that just don't seem to fit into the mainstream. Some of the "favorite hobbies" that show up only once in the survey include: arguing, Pee-Wee Herman, bodyshots, smoking cigarettes, collecting ash trays and serial killers!

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