Running Up That Hill

b/w Under The Ivy

Running Up That Hill (Spain) front


Running Up That Hill (Spain) rear


Country: Spain
Label/Number: EMI 006 20 0757 7
Release date: August, 1985
Chronology: The 1st single from Hounds Of Love, with a non-LP B-side.
Cover photos by John Carder Bush
Running Up That Hill Lyrics
What it's about: Gender differences, and how they hamper our ability to understand the opposite sex. The song suggests we should try to resolve the conflicts in our relationships by "swapping places" (looking at the situation from our partner's perspective).
Running time: 4:56
Under The Ivy Lyrics
What it's about: A girl sneaks away from a party for a clandestine meeting with her lover.
Running time: 2:11
The A-side's original title was A Deal With God (referring to the request to swap genders with one's partner). It was deemed "too controversial" and renamed (but it still lives on as a subtitle on the LP/CD).
The front of the Spanish sleeve shown above is identical to all other countries, but the rear is unique. It features the same photo used on the inside left of the UK gatefold (and on 1 side of the Japanese insert). Scan courtesy of Pertti.

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